Review: Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on the power of positive body language

By Tenzin Diki

Amy Cuddy in her talk highlights some findings that might help you make an impact on your life as a result of just two minutes. She talks power posing and shares evidence in support of what we hear very commonly “ Fake it until you make it “. 

I would like to share this video with you guys. Hopefully it will make a difference.

Personally, having grown up in the Tibetan conservative community, I have always been taught to be humble and polite, and I think I took that to a bit too extreme measure.

Coming to UWC, I quickly realised that if I really don’t start speaking up when I have something in my mind, I am not really going to achieve anything. But it is very hard to change some habits to which I have grown so used to. Participating actively in class discussions is simply something I am not used to doing.

The one thing that she talked about that really struck me is “fake it till you become it.” and her story about how she went through the accident and her experience in Princeton for the first year talks.

This TED talk taught me that our bodies can do change our mind. After watching this video, I thought about a lot of aspects from how I sit in class to how my mindset is normally set to and realised that maybe I should start making the small tweaks to my daily routines and gradually the effect on my mind might also change my behaviour and the related outcomes.

Hope you learn something !

until next time ☝( ◠‿◠ )☝

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