Is globalisation positively affecting individuals ?

Debate speech

A debate I wrote for my psychology class.

In this debate I am taking a stand for this motion. Let me know your opinion on this topic.

“Globalisation is positively affecting individuals “

In 2018 Hoody A.B Kargbo,a young boy from Sierra Leone, graduated from UWC Maastricht. He grew up in a patrilineal country where he was taught to belief in the superiority of men. But today he is an active advocate for the rights of women and girls in Sierra Leone.

Looking back, he says it was UWC that gave him an opportunity for growth and develop qualities that he might not have otherwise and helped him to realise his personal values and fight for what is right.Abdul Ballah’s experience influenced him to not only realise his identity but also helped develop another promising peaceful changemaker in this world.

Globalization has often been defined as the increased diffusion of worldwide connections between people.

And us being a part of a global movement in UWC, we stand in firm support for the motion that states, ”globalization is positively affecting individuals.”

Julian Siefter, an internationally acclaimed author and medical practitioner once said “ staying true to yourself is a part of the battle.” 

Often times it is very easy to attach ourselves and who we are to the culture that we grew up in, what is called local culture by psychologists. People tend to align themselves to the local cultural identity tied to their belief systems and personal values, which actually may not be you.

The global culture on the other hand is the culture we come to learn and adapt to with contact to various other cultures via travel, working or living in an international community or through social networks.

Global culture gives you an opportunity to be yourself, find your own unique identity unrestricted by the social norms on how you should behave and how you should think.

The whole UWC movement itself is an example of how globalisation can positively affect an individual. Here we get the opportunity to be ourselves and amidst the rich mixture of culture and belief systems, we are somehow given the opportunity to realise who we are, what we want to do in our future and be equipped to become a positive global citizen at large.

Psychology views that the media can make us better people. Meaningful songs, movies or stories make us have a feeling of the elevation to have the greater motivation of becoming a better person. The movies can influence to behave good and to change the lense to look at the world as the “kind-world syndrome” through the elevating media. For example, watching a movie as The Blindside made them feel a general sense of compassionate love for others, made them want to help people less fortunate than themselves and made them want to be kind and good to fellow human beings. Furthermore, social images also influence a person’s point of view about human rights. In history, all around the world never accepted the LGBTQ, so some of them used the power of the internet to tell their stories, to show how violence they faced. People are aware of this problem and take action by marches, advertisements, and movies. Now there are 30 countries that homosexual marriage is legal and they are protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All of this because of globalization that makes everybody more connected and to view the world with an open-minded.

From a psychological point of view,empathy has always been a valued character for humanity. Desire to empathise, feel as a part of community ,communicate with others and feel accepted and understanded.Globalisation imposed us the opportunity to use global languages (mostly English),follow global media trends, be part of global groups, to use the same gadgets, clothing brands or to even celebrate the same holidays all around the world. Globalisation also gives us the opportunity to empathise with the vulnerable group and let them know we care. When activist Tarana Burke started the Me Too campaign more than 10 years ago, her goal was “to spread a message for survivors: You’re heard, you’re understood.” As more and more people spoke out via social networks, they learned that they are not alone, it gave us an awareness and an opportunity to help people by at the least empathising with them.

Globalisation allows us to travel more, experience more and potentially open our eyes to different lifestyles and challenges how we think the world ought to be. It helps us realize the preciousness of diversity and makes way for a better world for all humans on this planet, therefore we stand firmly for the motion that states, “globalisation is positively affecting individuals”.

Thank you !    🙂

until next time ♥️

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