How to start loving yourself 💖

totally irrelevant picture but this is my old school

Ok so let’s face it .

We have all had our times when we were not exactly fans of ourselves and we wished we could be more like someone else.

I have had my share of these doubts, when I didn’t really appreciate myself.

But let me tell you, everyone in this world is special and unique in their own way.

And today I would like to share some tips to help you kickstart your journey of loving yourself.

1.Forgive yourself 

Whether you messed up that big presentation you worked so hard for or whether it is letting your anger get ahead of you, it is very important to remember that we are human beings and once in a while we all are allowed to make mistakes. So let go of that resentment you hold and forgive yourself. It’s time you do.

2.Start a journal

Every once in a while it’s nice to let everything out. Don’t hold it all in. Personally, I feel a lot better when I write everything down on paper. I know high school takes a lot from you but still once in a while take time to jot down random thoughts from your mind.

Doesn’t have to be organized or legible or anything. This is something just for you.

3.Distance yourself from people who don’t really appreciate you

This has been a huge part of my high school life till now. When you are with people that don’t really appreciate you, you may find yourself trying to impress them or basically not being yourself. I have been doing this for so long and not realized that I have been doing this, but last year at my school I stopped trying to do so.

I began hanging out with people who actually know me and cared about me. Believe me when I say it feels so much better. It’s also a big confidence boost.

4. Stop comparing yourself to that girl (or guy) on insta

This is one thing we do a lot. We scroll through our instagram feed and then when we see that celebrity, we start this mental processes of observation, processing and judgement and sadly what we end up with is not often the best for us.

This is not only for instagram , but also facebook, youtube or whatever social media you use. As a high school student myself, I have done this way too many times ( TBH I still do) but I realise now that we are all special and unique in our own ways. I realise now that maybe I should focus more on writing my story, instead of reading, watching and hearing about everyone else’s.

5. Listen to that small voice in your head

Is it telling you to just go for it and join the dance team or is it telling you that maybe your current friend is not the best thing for you. Being a teenager ,our prefrontal cortex , the part of the brain responsible for decision making may not be fully developed( sorry ! my psychology course speaking ) but I found that listening to that inner voice led me to some of the best decisions in my life and helped me feel good about it.

I know loving yourself can be really hard sometimes but let’s all be patient with ourselves because we deserve this happiness.

 I hope that you will start loving yourself a bit more each day.

Comment below anything you may want to add or hit me up on my social media. 

Lots of love and best wishes 


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