UWC Appplication time !! ( A glance to my forms )

Hi everyone !

How are all of you doing ?

This is my first time posting after I arrived here at UWC Red Cross Nordic. It has been a wonderful few weeks here.

Future first years, I can’t wait for you guys to experience this.

Do apply ! This will be the view from your classroom ( if you come to RCN )

The application forms for next year are out as most of you already know.

So I am guessing a lot of you are really confused about what to write in your essays in your application forms. ( I was, last year )

My personal tip : Make the application reflect you. Do not fit in too much facts that you copy from Wikipedia. Instead as one of my most beloved teacher always says “Fill in personal details”. The person going through your essays does not know you at all. Do not assume otherwise. You have to be able to give that person a feel of you. Recount personal stories, share about how you felt,what you learned and what that experience made you feel and likewise.

Here are a few of mine from last year. I am by no means saying mine are perfect . I just wanted to share what I wrote last year and hopefully they will help you guys too.

For those of you who are not applying , I want to remind you that you might be giving up on a wonderful opportunity. You never know what could happen !

Good luck with your forms !

Remember to just be yourself .

Hopefully I will see a few of you at UWC RCN next year.


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